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Online Therapy

We believe that getting therapeutic help today is the norm rather than the exception, given what is going on around us or for when life feels unbearably difficult.  

We offer online therapy sessions that begins with you booking an  Initial Individual Therapy Session (individual 1 hour session is $75).

This initial session will enable  us to get to know each other abit better. Signing up for therapy when we need it is part of self-care and an important element for devoting focused time and energy to exploring and understanding our thought, emotions and feelings.

After the initial 1-hour session, you are invited to register for any of the two follow up sessions below:

  1. Initial Session ( 1 hour) – $75
  2. Two (2) Weeks Therapy Package – $150
  3. Four (4) Weeks Package. -$300

  During these sessions, we will evaluate together, whatever is going on in your life, be it a transition, improvements on your relationships, dealing with a difficult personal situation, or a desire for development or self-help.

During the therapy sessions,  we will explore together any recurring patterns in your life and to enact changes to lessen your suffering and increase your life’s enjoyment. I will engage you in a respectful one-to-one conversation each week, which is marked by mutual respect and understanding.

All our sessions are conducted online, via zoom, by phone or Skype and they last 1 hour.

  The first step in your journey to engage in therapy is to sign up for the initial individual Session.

Booking Information –Register For The Initial Online Therapy Here .

The initial session will last 60 minutes, and the fee is $75,

You may then choose to have weekly follow-on sessions (6 Weeks Or 8 Weeks Sessions).  

As soon as we receive your booking confirmation, we will get in touch to arrange a time to meet.


Therapy Tips


The following thoughts are related either to initiating psychotherapy, or to enriching your experience if you are already in therapy. They are just gentle reminders that I suggest will further your experience.


  1. Be on time. It is not a value to be too early for your appointment. If your therapist has a waiting room, you may inadvertently meet his or her other clients. Also, being too early may only give rise to increasing your anxieties.


  1. Be honest. Tell your therapist as much truth as you can manage, even if you are exposing some of your deepest, most tender spots. In the long run, such behavior will strengthen the bond between you and your therapist.


  1. If you ever have questions of any sort, do not hesitate to voice them. It is always in everyone’s best interests to have clear and open communication. If you do not like the feedback, keep asking until you are satisfied.


  1. Be accountable financially. If you have a co-pay, make it at the time of your appointment. Do not think yourself a “special case” who should receive different treatment than others, no matter how entitled or debilitated you might feel.


  1. Do not be afraid either to express exactly what you are feeling, or to cry, if you feel it. After all, emotional release in a safe environment is that for which you have come!